The crazyness has begun

by Destini on November 8, 2011

Hey Everyone <—- I think I start all my posts this way, I must find more original greetings.

Life has been extremely busy, but in a fantastic way. I have been working diligently on the new blog. It looks supertastic. I can’t wait for you all to see it. With the lovely launch only a couple weeks away, I have quite the lil giveaway to celebrate it 🙂

November makes me happy and think of Christmas, baking, food LOTS OF FOOD. And I just get this happy giddy feeling that something great is coming. But then I remember what also comes with November.


Yeah and that is nothing, it will only get worse and worse 🙁

This past week has been a lot of kale chips + gingerbread tea. YUMMY! Best designing snack food. I have been finishing up some Holiday Cards for clients + designing some new ones for my etsy store.

Last night was leg day at the gym. It was really great. intense, but legs always are..

Question: Do you like snow? What is your favorite part of the season change?

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