Diet……..The Break-Up

by Destini on March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have been debating this for a few weeks now, I am at my ideal weight and have surpassed my goal. I am healthy, happy and enjoying my new lifestyle. When I started my weight loss, my goal was 130lbs. I am now 120lbs. So then why am I still dieting?  Let’s be serious? Enough is enough. Dieting is a horrible word, no one likes it and I hate it.

I am ending it, and trust me dieting…..I don’t want to be friends, in fact I don’t ever want to see you again.

It’s official I have removed you as a Facebook friend LOL

Now that is done and the awkwardness is fading. Let’s discus what my new goals are:

  1. Continue eating healthy, but increase my calorie intake- I know my body now, I know what amount I can and can’t eat
  2. Keep working out and getting in top shape – still need to look fab for my wedding
  3. Be happy and not feel deprived – self explanatory for anyone who has been on a diet

I am really happy about this decision. I will continue to eat healthy and maintain what I have accomplished. I honestly feel so much better! With the wedding coming in just a little more then 6months and my wedding social just around the corner, this is one less stress and I wont miss it.

Last night’s workout was my back. Each exercise is 3 set’s of 12 reps.

  • Pull up on assisted machine
  • Row on machine
  • DB Swiss ball raise

I then followed up with 20min on the stepper at resistance 6.

Now for the best part, my post-workout drink….The Green Monster as seen on Oh She Glows. She has many different versions. Mine was close to the the Classic Green Monster with a small handful of blueberries added.

The major modification I did was instead of chocolate nut butter or wheatgrass I used a scoop of my ISOFLEX Peanut Butter Chocolate protein powder. The result. AMAZING! I even had my fiance try some and he loved it. So check out Angela at Oh She Glows she rocks!

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-Kim- March 18, 2011 at 1:23 pm

good for u my dear, say it loud and proud!!!! lol


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