Skinny Lemonade

by Destini on June 30, 2014

It’s super ironic that I have decided to write this delicious post on a Monday after the WORST rain storm we’ve seen in several years….of course its the first year we’re in our new house…*sigh*

I have been quite quiet lately on the blog, I know I have said that a lot. I have been personally going through a lot of anxiety and stress. And trying to find the most natural way to cope with these issues. I know I’ve been quite quiet on the personal front, and focused  mostly on recipes on this blog. I miss making this a lifestyle blog and not just a recipe one. I donno, let me know what you guys think….

ANYWAY… let me share this amazing recipe. It’s perfect for any sunny day. I always make a batch while the hubby is hard at work in our backyard. Yep….think 50′s housewife serving her husband a nice cold glass of homemade lemonade after he’s all tired and hot from physical labour. Did I not just describe many women’s fantasy’s? YEP  haha. Best part is this is so guilt free!

Skinny Lemonade-3


Ingredients: Yields: as much as you drink!!!

  • 4oz of freshly squeezed lemons (roughly 5-6)
  • 9 cups water
  • 6 Truvia Stevia packets
  • 2tbsp of honey

Directions: Juice all lemons, strain through a strainer (less pulp & seeds), add cold water, Truvia and honey.

Skinny Lemonade-1

Hubby loves pulp, but using a hand juicer for the lemons and a strainer still leaves a little. I am sure I would be better off using my juicer, but this is less clean up!!

Skinny Lemonade-1-4

Yep….I just POUR that honey. In fact, I warm it up…Skinny Lemonade-2

Garnish with more lemon, drink with a ton of ice..Skinny Lemonade-4


If you want to adult this drink up, add some vodka or gin…CLEAR ALCOHOL!!

Well that is all for today! If any of you struggle with anxiety and have methods that are (natural) to handle it,  please share.


Vancouver Bound & a WINNER!

by Destini on May 30, 2014

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!!

It’s Sunny here, but I feel like it is about to rain…which makes sense because bright and early tomorrow morning the Hubby and I are off to Vancouver for the week. It’s for a work conference, but we will get some time for some good meals and probably a venture to Stanley Park and the Aquarium.  I am also feeling a few runs along the ocean.

Anyone have any good restaurants in Vancouver that they want to recommend? It’s been quite awhile since I have been there for longer than a layover in the airport.

But I know why you’re all really here, you want to know the winner of the one YEAR free of Catelli Gluten-Free Pasta!

Thank you to everyone that entered, but sadly we can only have one winner


Congratulations Lori B! Please email your address to

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!



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