The Adventures of a New Puppy Mom

by Destini on August 22, 2014

I feel like the Summer has already decided to leave. It was incredibly wet and short for us Canadians (well Winnipeg folks). I am not greeted by sunshine in the morning, the grass is wet, random leaves are already on the ground, etc.. It’s happening, and sadly its happening really fast. Fall is coming! Though I am not too worried about Fall, it’s the season after Fall that I fear…but let’s not talk about that.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram may have noticed how my feed has been FLOODED with a new four legged friend. If you haven’t guessed…we adopted a puppy! I welcome you to meet our newest addition, Zora!!


We adopted her from a rescue organization that rescues dogs from communities where they’ve been abandoned :( . Zora and her litter-mates were wondering around without their mother. She was roughly 6 weeks old when they brought her in. My amazing neighbour actually fosters these pups till they find their furever homes. And if you haven’t guessed…Zora was one of them. I remember the day I was washing dishes and looked out the window and saw this crazy little black and tan puppy running around. I dried my hands, called George and we went outside. We were doomed the moment we picked her up. Several weeks later and we started down the adventure of being pup parents! I know some people HATE when pet owners call themselves “parents”. I challenge anyone who disagrees with that with a puppy for two weeks.  I have had cats my whole life, and they’re a lot of work when they’re young. But a puppy? It’s draining on all fronts.

ptp8zGpCsBuDGOvMsnNq7HDNYPCnzQmgs3OywYMEkxU This was her when she first arrived in foster care, only 6 weeks old!

I knew it was going to be hard and a lot of work, but this has been much more. Our life now pretty much surrounds “Where is Zora? Are you watching Zora? Maybe she needs to go outside? and STOP HER, GIVE HER A BONE” type scenarios.

She is now almost 12 weeks, our patience and hard work is starting to show.

  • she mostly makes it through the night in her crate without waking up to go outside
  • potty training has been going successfully, minus she doesn’t like to bark or indicate “I HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE”. So we gotta watch when she goes to the back door. I may get some bells for her to move.
  • Tia and her are doing WAY better than I thought, as long as she doesn’t charge or sniff Tia’s butt for too long. No hiss will be given.
  • Basic commands are coming with practice. We started Puppy Obedience training last night! *note she did SOOO WELL*
  • I now have a whole budget set-up for anything “dog” related.
  • We have pulled any favours with anyone that can come let the pup out during the day while we’re at work.
  • Sleeping in? What is that? (this is the hardest with me as I LOVE sleeping in on the weekends)
  • Anything I watch on YouTube or read has to do with dog training.

GE2qgbhnIlGJN2MJyX9jlE0sH536KpTFDLfwFins0f4,c2YRXpON38xjHzeUux3ANimA5BQRlH9MLnbmqFWYIRMTia watching the crazy pooch! *my house was a total mess for the first TWO weeks of her arrival*

KrCYZ0qJC-WZHcbDVqkeeYIYuVw8Uw3py06ib8Hq0gY,SG-zZNCvNyyJWW6HHx2wHveNyS2SVmYSEV1Gdm_QdLQSomeone needed to go outside, I let her out for TWO seconds by herself while I put my boots on…. Well I guess she felt since I wasn’t pulling the weeds, she would.VmulzbmocGNdanPDUvlx4lsFGXrCgwGtPEYRrh-j9RY,Nhdf4mhLl-kzm9mYN-SMZt1LJgGozWf8FU_P952S6F8She always sleeps with her head OFF the bed.


Yes, it’s official, I have reached #crazydogmom AND #crazycatmom status



Skinny Lemonade

by Destini on June 30, 2014

It’s super ironic that I have decided to write this delicious post on a Monday after the WORST rain storm we’ve seen in several years….of course its the first year we’re in our new house…*sigh*

I have been quite quiet lately on the blog, I know I have said that a lot. I have been personally going through a lot of anxiety and stress. And trying to find the most natural way to cope with these issues. I know I’ve been quite quiet on the personal front, and focused  mostly on recipes on this blog. I miss making this a lifestyle blog and not just a recipe one. I donno, let me know what you guys think….

ANYWAY… let me share this amazing recipe. It’s perfect for any sunny day. I always make a batch while the hubby is hard at work in our backyard. Yep….think 50’s housewife serving her husband a nice cold glass of homemade lemonade after he’s all tired and hot from physical labour. Did I not just describe many women’s fantasy’s? YEP  haha. Best part is this is so guilt free!

Skinny Lemonade-3


Ingredients: Yields: as much as you drink!!!

  • 4oz of freshly squeezed lemons (roughly 5-6)
  • 9 cups water
  • 6 Truvia Stevia packets
  • 2tbsp of honey

Directions: Juice all lemons, strain through a strainer (less pulp & seeds), add cold water, Truvia and honey.

Skinny Lemonade-1

Hubby loves pulp, but using a hand juicer for the lemons and a strainer still leaves a little. I am sure I would be better off using my juicer, but this is less clean up!!

Skinny Lemonade-1-4

Yep….I just POUR that honey. In fact, I warm it up…Skinny Lemonade-2

Garnish with more lemon, drink with a ton of ice..Skinny Lemonade-4


If you want to adult this drink up, add some vodka or gin…CLEAR ALCOHOL!!

Well that is all for today! If any of you struggle with anxiety and have methods that are (natural) to handle it,  please share.


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Healthy Tuna Salad – Great for Lunch

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