Momentary Disaster

by Destini on April 28, 2011

At the end of next month my fiance’s mother will be throwing me a bridal shower. My original plan for a shower was a smaller, more intimate gathering of some of my very close ladies in which I receive some lingerie(note: I actually don’t OWN a single pair of lingerie..Jennifer thinks this is very strange). It appears some more traditional bridal showers are much larger, and include all the females invited to the wedding.  So with much consideration I will be having a larger shower…………….and a intimate shower(yeah that means 2 showers!).

One thing I have learned is the 6 months before your wedding, getting much breathing time is very limited. I took a week off after the social, and now I am RIGHT back into the planning. This time even more so it seems.  One thing that needed to be hashed out right away was my guest list. As this Bridal Shower isn’t getting any farther, this needed to be done. I am happy that I had already previously designed my shower invites. This made the rush of everything a little easier…..however when I went to send my invites to get printed at my regular print shop…THEY JUST CLOSED!!!

So in a rush of panic and sweat I searched and called local print shops. Now sure we have lots. But I also needed one to replace my regular print jobs I do for my design clients. This couldn’t be a temporary thing.

I have indeed now found one, I ran and I mean I RAN to the bus stop on my lunch break to pick out some stock paper. Good thing I wore flats to work as I didn’t have much time. I pick them up tomorrow. Here is the design 🙂

I love love love it! Can’t wait till I pick it up tomorrow!!!
This past Saturday we celebrated my brothers 21st birthday!!
I cant believe he is already 21!
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shorty101 April 28, 2011 at 4:14 am

those invites are awesome 🙂


Jeanette May 6, 2011 at 3:05 am

Love your invites! Can't believe your big day is coming so soon!


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