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It’s Wrinkled

by Destini on April 23, 2011

Happy Good Friday Everyone!!

I hope for those of you that are off today that you are having a wonderful day!!

Earlier this week I got a phone call from my Bridal Dress Salon…and guess what?


I couldn’t believe it’s here already! When I ordered it at the end of January they told me it would be 6-8mths, which btw totally freaked me out as my wedding was in 8 mths!! So the fact it is here now is fantastic.

Last night, with my soon to be mother-in-law, baba(my fiance’s grandma), Georgette(soon to be sister-in-law) and her crew(Georgette’s two adorable daughters and amazingly cute little boy) we all went to try on my new dress. My first reaction after it was on was………

It’s wrinkled

My dress has pleating across the top, so when the pleating is going into every direction then it’s supposed to…yeah.

Plus since I have been working out lot’s, I have lost the chest that I have allllllways had. Even when I was 110lbs. But I suppose now that I am working out and burning fat….they have left me. I will need to have these bra cups with padding sewn into my dress, as well as the straps will be shortened and taken in.

The bottom of my dress has pick ups, but because of the wrinkles… was just bunches of fabric.
I know I love my dress and I know how it look’s on me. But the excitement quickly left when I saw it. I also know that when the alterations are done and it’s steamed. It will be just as it looks in my head.

Now let’s talk about this

   Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes
        This recipe is from

I stacked the pancakes with cut strawberries, kiwis and blackberries.
Poured pure maple syrup on top
 Yummmy. These photos make me want to make it again tomorrow.
Yep, making it again tomorrow!

Have a great long weekend!

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