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by Destini on May 10, 2011

Saturday was one of the weekends I look forward to EVERY year! It was the Annual Winnipeg Wine Festival. They have 500 wines from all around the world. You taste, spit(if you’re this type of person) and ENJOY or not enjoy. Honestly it is soo much fun!! Every year I go with my mom and it ALWAYS lands on Mothers Day weekend. Seriously, for a mom that loves wine, this is the easiest mothers day gift ever!

What sweetens the whole deal(if that is even possible) is you can PURCHASE the wine that you like there. So trying to stay relatively sober and with a plan you venture into this.

Total craziness!
I did really well! I left with 7 bottles of wine and many more that I know I enjoy 🙂
That Heavyweight Red has the coolest label. They have a series of labels for their wine!
Only 362 days left till next year!
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Jennifer May 11, 2011 at 1:32 am

damnit my post apparently didn't work… ok so here it is again:

o my do you want me to come over and help you with all those bottles? Cuz I think you do!


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