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July 2011

I need a favor…a wedding favor

by Destini on July 22, 2011

Help Me! I am stuck! I am close to breaking the budget and I don’t even know why!!

On Saturday I had my consultation with a florist for our centerpieces. We came up with something awesome, not overly pricey but still look’s amazing. However, I did double the original amount I wanted to spend on them. The amount I wanted to spend wasn’t really a realistic amount for what I wanted. So I have forgiven myself. But I am dipping into the favor budget. Now I am left trying to find something for favors that isn’t tacky, but unique. Being caught up with this task, a question donned on me, Do favors really matter? Do people expect them?

First I wanted to do a Candy Buffet

This can range anywhere from $150 up. The place I called said if it is a favor, I should spend between $350-$500. To me that is a little steep, though I do love this idea.

Then I came up with this: Whirly Pop Favors

For 150-180 of these, it will range between $250 – $350.

With lots of research online, I also came across charity favors where you donate money in your guests name to a local charity. And to be honest, I do like this idea. I have never really cared about favors at weddings in the past. Though I would remember unique ones, such as a candy buffet or if I got a whirly pop. But at most I have gotten little bags of mints. The most unique I got was black scrapbooked bag with personalized m&m’s in it. I loved those.

I keep coming back to the question, how important are wedding favors? And what do guests really expect? Would you feel disappointed if you found out that money was donated in your name instead of getting mints or candy?

I am not trying to be cheap, but I want to spend money on thing’s I feel that matter.




by Destini on July 16, 2011

How is everyone’s weekend so far? Mine has been great!

This morning the fiance made me breakfast!!! He has made me scrambled eggs in the past(once) with not much success and french toast. But somehow made over easy eggs PERFECT. I think there is a conspiracy here.

Free Range Vita Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Roasted Rosemary Hash Browns and Whole Wheat Bread with Organic Kicking Horse Coffee. DELISH!

Last night I went to see the last Harry Potter movie. I LOVE Harry Potter. In fact though I knew the ending……I still teared up. Yeah I am that much of a nerd. Since I am already admitting to some of most admirable traits, here is some more confessions. 

Eye Brows: What is the big deal about this confession you say? We all have eye brows? Well I don’t, well sorta. Being a natural redhead, my eye brows can go two different ways. 1. They will be red or redish brown. 2 They will be a transparent blonde! Guess which one I have?

Growing up, I always hated my red hair, in fact as an adult I coloured my hair in all ranges of colours from reddish purple with blond highlights to black. I had black hair for several years!(and it cost a pretty penny to have it changed). The real trend was I always went dark, why? Because I could dye my eye brows darker to match and POOF I’d have eye brows.  Just a few years ago, I finally went back to my natural hair colour. But then I realized…..eye brows? what am I gonna do? Well I go a light brown, unfortunately….sometimes the women at my spa don’t realize how easy my brows will take the colour and how easy my skin will absorb the colour and for a few days after…….I kinda look like Burt or Ernie.

Reality TV: This is a bad one, and one I shouldn’t tell people so openly…but I really really REALLY have a problem. It’s like my crack. My fiance says it rots my brain. I watch pretty much any reality show there is. Even if I don’t really like them. I use them for background noise when I design or cook. It’s almost like a safety blanket. How horrible is that? I can’t even list all the shows I watch because I’d be here forever. It’s just plain horrible.

Corn on the Cob: After my previous confession this one is the least harmless and the most delicious. When corn on the cob comes into season, I eat it almost every day. It is my one true love. In fact I am now craving some!

Walk-In Closet: This is actually quite embarrassing, and not in the way the reality TV shows are. It’s that it has gotten WAY out of hand and needs professional help. I have gone through some pretty drastic body changes in the past 5 years. And haven’t gotten rid of any of the clothes that I have had to purchase through these changes. And that’s not the worst part, it just is everywhere! My fiance has half the closet, I the other. And I can’t find anything.

My goal this weekend is to make 3 piles. Keep, Donate and Toss whatever is too worn to donate. Please wish me luck!!

Well I am off to the florists about some centerpieces and then the gym later!!

BUT LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! Check out what came in the mail!!

My silk flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t show you guys the whole thing because I have extended family that read this blog and want to surprise them the day of. But just know I really want to. So this is a tease….

Question: What is your confession? Anything has horrible as a jam packed closet or the love of trash tv?


Wakeboarding and Blog Changes

July 15, 2011

Last Friday I took a day off for vacation, A group of us went to this new facility in Manitoba for wakeboarding. Adrenaline Adventures is purely awesome! We watched the first round of competing and I was just wowed!  We then went to the beach portion and tossed the ball. Good friends and a great time! Photo taken by the lovely A C Green Photo taken by the lovely A C Green Photo taken by the lovely A C Green Photo taken by the lovely A C Green We then followed it up with a great dinner at Fresh Cafe. I devoured a bison burger and yam fries. I was […]

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I am back and here to stay!

July 8, 2011

Invites are out, wedding planning is becoming less distracting and now it’s time to just sit back and see all of it come together. I think my majority of stress was my invites. Designing wedding invites is my job, and with that being the case, the pressure of them having to be perfect weighed down on me. I also kept trying to do all of them by myself. Now, one thing I can recommend is if you are doing a lot of DIY items for your wedding, don’t take it on all by yourself. Reach out to your lovely ladies and family for help. I did, and boy am I […]

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