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Let’s Compare – Revolt Fitness Check-In – Week 5

by Destini on June 5, 2013

Happy Wednesday! Today is my rest day and it was great to be able to get some stuff done. I am mid week into week 6 for my Revolt program. Still seeing big changes! Week 5 I pushed through like always. Even when I am tired and can’t keep going…I go!

I was asked in a comment what my opinion and the difference on DailyHiit (formally known as BodyRock)  vs Revolt Fitness. Now as most of you already know, I am currently a blogger for the Revolt Fitness program. I have in the past did DailyHiit.  I feel that this would be much better addressed in a post than just in a comment.

Before I get in this, please remember that even though I get the Revolt Fitness program for free, my opinions are always going to be my own. That being said, lets get to it!


Revolt Fitness – Has a subscription, $10 monthly, $27 3-month access and $50 for a yearly subscription

DailyHiit – Free


Revolt Fitness – requires basic equipment(free weights, kettlebells, yoga mat, bench/chair/couch, optional – medicine ball, exercise ball). I actually order my equipment from (for us Canadians). It is cheap and has fast shipping. I also was able to get pink kettlebells- :P. Though you can get any of this stuff where fitness equipment is sold.

DailyHiit – requires equipment that I feel is specialized equipment, that is quite a bit costly if you get it all. The Equalizers they use often are $114, Sandbag ranges $52-99, Ggi ball is $129+, T Grip-Bar $129, PowerBlock Dumbell $199.


Revolt Fitness – has a designed diet plan, that changes weekly and every 6 weeks you get a new plan. So always changing food.

DailyHiit – Nothing that has been really designed, I know they talk about it on the community, but it is not in as great detail.


Revolt Fitness – Has a great community, and its private to only members, so members feel open to posting progress photos. Also Nichole Huntsmans(the create and trainer) is VERY involved in it. She responds to comments and keeps people motivated (HUGE plus)

DailyHiit – HUGE community, open to anyone. The creators are involved, but I have seen questions go unanswered for a very long time, however other more experienced members with the program seem to help here.


Revolt Fitness – Always changing, each week you are given 3 new videos. Workout 5 days a week.  Your week would look like this:

  • Monday – Cardio
  • Tuesday – Lower Body Workout
  • Wednesday – Rest Day
  • Thursday – Cardio
  • Friday – Upper Body Workout
  • Saturday – Cardio
  • Sunday – Rest Day/Meal Prep

The cardio days still use weights and workout both upper and lower body.

Daily Hiit – Always changing, new videos daily. Workout 7 days a week(weekend optional). Your week would look like this:

  • Monday – hiitbody -full body burn
  • Tuesday – hiitlean – sculpting lean muscle
  • Wednesday – hittmax – cardio intense bootcamp
  • Thursday – hittlite – lite full body sweat
  • Friday – hiitreps – body blasting rep challenge
  • Sat/Sunday – hittwkend – toughest moves of the week in a single workout

They also offer bonus videos to those who want more!

That pretty much is all I can think about for comparisons. Both programs are amazing and both continue to be very successful for many people. The key is just to try and find the right one for you.

See you guys tomorrow with a YUMMY smoothie! Gotta go help the husband…..he can’t hang laundry alone apparently :p

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Centrepiece Project……….Mock-up #1

by Destini on March 22, 2011

This past weekend I started one of my many projects before my Wedding Day!! This is the stuff that I really enjoy about wedding planning. But I feel I need some assistance and who better to ask then my fellow bloggers/followers.

Here is the project, Create centerpieces for round tables that hold 6-8 people. I will have a white table cloth with a damask runner seen here, black napkins and black chair linen. People always ask me what color’s I am using in my wedding and the answer is difficult as I am not really using a color so much as a pattern, which is the damask pattern seen on the runner. My flowers however for my wedding will be red, the ties and pocket square’s on the groomsmen are also deep red.

I can’t decide if I want a short or tall centerpiece. All I know is I want it to have flowers. I think they will be silk as they will look exactly how I want them to.

Here is my centerpiece mock-up #1

  • Short square vase, black ribbon wrapped around it with red silk flowers.

 I had a lazy weekend, and didn’t workout. But I will be getting my fitness on tomorrow.

This past Friday I made some Thai Curried Butternut Squash soup that I seen on Jeanette’s Healthy Living Blog

I also fudged and didn’t toss them and they burnt a little bit……whoops

It was a little thick but that could be due to how large my squash was and sweet potato. To resolve this I added some more broth.

It was delish.

Has anyone tried these? I love Larabar’s and was picking some up when I saw these Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bars. I got the two kinds they had at the store Chocolate Decadence and Green Synergy. Both were sooo good. I loved the Chocolate Decadence more, but I have a sweet tooth. Will be picking up some more of these tonight.


Diet……..The Break-Up

March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have been debating this for a few weeks now, I am at my ideal weight and have surpassed my goal. I am healthy, happy and enjoying my new lifestyle. When I started my weight loss, my goal was 130lbs. I am now 120lbs. So then why am I still dieting?  Let’s be serious? Enough is enough. Dieting is a horrible word, no one likes it and I hate it. I am ending it, and trust me dieting…..I don’t want to be friends, in fact I don’t ever want to see you again. It’s official I have removed you as a Facebook friend LOL Now that […]

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Interview with Kim from Kimmy Conduct

March 16, 2011

 I have been getting a lot questions about who my trainer is and what she is all about. So instead of me telling people about her over and over again(though I don’t mind as she’s totally awesome), I sat down and asked her some questions that I felt would be helpful to people interested in starting a healthy lifestyle. What most attracted me to training with Kim was that she has been down my journey too. She hasn’t always been where she is now with her health and knows how it feels to struggle with weight. So that being said, lets get to the interview!! 1.What is your personal experience with […]

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