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TGIF Giveaway

by Destini on September 21, 2012

TGIF!! I say this every week and it never gets old. This weekend we are celebrating our first year wedding anniversary. Going out for a nice dinner. I love food 🙂


Love this photo 🙂 Such a lucky gal I am

A few weeks ago on I mentioned that if I got 200 likes by Friday, I would do a giveaway…..and you did it!

Thank you so much for all your love and support. I just do this for fun and you all have made it an amazing adventure. To return the love, let’s do this giveaway.

I have TONS of cookbooks. I love them. I get inspiration from them, make amazing dinners and just love looking at pictures. This is currently one of my favorites .

I often try to eat as clean as possible and this book has helped me along that path.

It is easy to enter; just do the mandatory entry and if you want to enter more than once do the extra options. This giveaway ends Saturday September 29th @ 12:01am.

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Good luck and have a great weekend 🙂



Weekend & Epicure

by Destini on June 25, 2012

Well hello lovelies! Hope everyone is not feeling too blue from Monday! I know I personally hate Monday. Someone once asked me if it was because I hated my job, the truth is I love my job. I just dislike Monday.

This weekend I went to my Mom’s for a bbq and a fire. It was wonderful! She lives just outside the city which can be nice to just get away.

These potatoes are my favorite! Preheat oven to 350c, slice potatoes, sprinkle with fresh dill (or you can use Epicures Dill), Epicures Chili Garlic Sea Salt(obsessed with this stuff), sliced white onion, cover with some EVOO and wrap in tin foil, poke holes and bake for 20-30min depending on how many you made. We make this a lot in the Summer!

Add some corn on the cob, fresh brocoli, a charcoaled bbq chicken(seasoning got the best of the bbq but ended up being soo good) and you get a perfect Saturday evening night!!

This is her cat…..he hates me! Can’t you see the hatred in his eyes? I really wish I knew what I did to offend his royal highness. It is starting to give me a complex..hissing and all!

Today was a typical Monday, but I came home to not one but TWO lovely packages.

Recently, I decided to become a Epicure Selections Consultant. I bet my American friends are extremely confused.

Epicure Selections – a 100% Canadian, family-owned, woman-led company committed to adding value to the lives of Consultants, Customers and Canadian communities.

Yep, pulled that right from the website. It is an amazing spice company that helps provide healthy, delicious, quick and easy meal solutions.  And just happens to be something that I use often! So with much consideration I decided to sale it too! I don’t plan to push any of these products on you. But I often do use them in my cooking, but usually will always give a alternate substitute. If anyone is interested, you can visit my Epicure Site or send me an email to chat about anything you may want to know!

I am just going through all the info and amazing products….it was kinda like Christmas.

Any who, I have decided to start the largest project ever. One in which I have been avoiding since I got them…my wedding photo album………..acccckkk. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my photos. I just have a hard time trying to pick a couple hundred out of 1400! But I have avoided this far too long.  I am trying to decide if I should use Mixbook, Apple, or Snapfish. Can’t decide! I need to make two different kinds. One for my family and one for George’s. And than one for us!

Lot’s on the go!

Question: Have you ever heard of Epicure? What have you tried from them? Did you love or hate it?


Have you used any online photo album printing? What company did you use? Did you like them?


Wedding – A Serbian Ceremony

December 6, 2011

Here is one of a few promised wedding posts. I will put them in categories of how the day went. As some of you know, I married and was baptized as a Serbian Orthodox.  My husbands family is from Serbia and I made the choice of having our wedding ceremony in Serbian tradition. Our ceremony mostly wasn’t in English, minus the parts in which the Priest spoke to me and I needed to respond. It was quite traditional and also very different from some more common wedding ceremonies. I had to make a large program for my guests with information on all the parts, as it is quite different. My husband waiting […]

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October 13, 2011

My husband and I had a lot of discussions on what we wanted to do after the wedding. A lot of our friends and family suggested we go somewhere, however we weren’t totally sold, as we just had a long year of wedding planning and my husband being in school. We felt spending the cash to go on a trip may or may not be worth it. And if we did go somewhere we wanted it to be hot and thought it would be nice to have our friends join us. With much talk, we ended up going to my husband’s aunt and uncles cabin. This was the best idea. […]

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Saturday Madness

October 9, 2011

My husband is currently on call for his work and has this pager, well yesterday we had a crazy wind storm and this will strongly affect my husbands work. So of course the pager started going off at 6am and continued several + times after that, so this was an early morning for me.  I am still adjusting to a “non-wedding stress free mode” so my anxiety is still not at bay. But it is getting better, but I still panic a little when I wake up without as much sleep as required. My husband who knows me sooooo well suggested we go out for brunch. I jumped on this […]

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Post Wedding – The Dress

October 7, 2011

Hey Everyone! Looking forward to the weekend? I know I am as it’s a long weekend for us Canadians!! Now that the wedding is over, I wanted to focus on some key parts of it. I have gotten a lot of questions, so I decided I will do a few posts regarding some of the major topics. Today’s post we will talk about THE DRESS. I have briefly talked about it before. But haven’t gone into much detail. Photographer Jennifer Lee Photography I first saw my dress driving past it after work. I called the bridal salon and requested the number and designer. Shortly after this, my maid of honour […]

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