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July Foodie Penpal

by Destini on July 31, 2012

It’s that time again, Foodie Penpal!! I have now been part of this for several months and each time I get super excited when my parcel arrives. This time was no exception, I was very fortunate to receive my foodie penpal package from Jordan at Kitchen Karate. Check him out!

I had seen those Veggie straws, never realized how yummy they were!

Now check out these adorable little measuring spoons out?!?!  Not only does Jordan have a food blog….but he also has an adorable store that sells cute kitchen things like this! Check out I’m With Cupcake!

Thank you again Jordan for  your wonderful items 🙂

My Foodie Penal was Devon, Devon doesn’t have a blog, but wanted me to include a writeup and photo of what I sent her 🙂


I’m a big fan of great food items and Destini included a few of her
Manitoba favourites, (along with a beautiful handwritten note) some of
which are:

A blueberry jam that she describes as “perfectly sweet”.  I look forward to
tomorrow morning’s breakfast!  Destini also included a favourite honey of
hers, an unpasteurized clover honey.  In addition to the honey she also
included a chocolate and lemon honey.  I have never tried chocolate honey
before but as an avid chocolate lover I am quite intrigued!  My package
also included a KIND peanut butter and dark chocolate bar.  I’m snacking on
it as I write this summary and it’s delicious!  I look forward to the two
tea selections that Destini inlcuded;  an organic Tulsi sweet rose tea, as
well as a Detox tea made with Dandelion.  (The honey will be a nice
accompaniment with the tea).

This is my first foodie pen pal exchange and I am very pleased with
Destini’s selection of lovely food items she chose to send me.


If you would like to participate or learn more about Foodie Penpals, Please see Lindsay’s blog for more info! I won’t be participating in August due to a chaotic month! But will come back in September!



June Foodie Penpal – Late but not forgotten

by Destini on July 1, 2012

This is late..I know! I should have had it ready to go before the long weekend for us Canadian Folks! Last month I got the most amazing Foodie Penpal package yet!

It was from the lovely Jennifer! It was beyond amazing and made me so excited. Everything she got me is now my favorite things and must haves!

Those Twistos are now a must have in my household! The nutritional info on them are too good to be true! And the Lime & Chili Almonds…TO DIE FOR

One of my favorite magazines!!

I also had a different Jennifer, due to a mishaps in the address I have to resend her parcel.(it was returned).

The Lean Green Bean

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening 🙂



May Foodie Penpals

May 31, 2012

Hey Everyone!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! I am really loving how short my week has been due to my vacation! I have been getting quite a few emails from some of you lovely folks that are having trouble subscribing to my blog, I am trying to fix this and will update you all when it’s done! <3 This post isn’t a new recipe but something that I look forward to every month since I joined! FOODIE PENPALS!! This month my package came from Bonnie @ Sitting on the Moon! And with much restraint I managed to take some photos of the awesome items she sent me. With […]

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April Foodie Penpals!

April 30, 2012

WOW it has been a few days. I do apologize. It has been quite busy over here and a few things that I can’t yet tell you about. But I will soon. One of the many crazy things that has happened was a very pleasant package from my first ever Foodie Penpal Alison !!! I can’t express how excited I get when I receive packages in the mail. Does anyone else feel this way? With technology today, mail has become something of the past…except for bills? ACK. But this, this was very enjoyable, so enjoyable that my photos are horrible of it! I am sorry Alison! I was so excited to get into my parcel […]

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