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Merry Christmas!!

by Destini on December 25, 2011

Hello!! Just wanted to take a quick moment to wish all you have a fantastic Christmas and Happy Holiday.

I thought what better way to share today with all of you then to share something from home. This is Sean Quigley, he is from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada! 16 years old and he did all the arrangements, played all the parts and recorded/edited the video with his sister. Beyond AMAZING



A gift + a party

by Destini on December 6, 2011

This past Saturday was my work Christmas Party and it was a blast! It had all sorts of entertainment. We enjoyed ourselves very much. 
 The red dress!!
On Friday I got a notification that a parcel had arrived. As soon as I had a free moment I went to go pick it up! Look what it was!! My Favorite Christmas Things Swap from Amber!! I loved it! So much so that I was in the Salted Chocolate Caramels before my husband reminded me that I needed to take a photo….whoops
My gift had a 
1. Big Coffee cup
2. Gingerbread tea(my fav also)
3. Hot chocolate
4. Salted chocolate Caramels
5. Starbucks Giftcard! (and Amber I absolutely love eggnog latte) 
Thank you SO SO much Amber!!!!
This post is short,  my husband brought me home a Christmas Tree and I want to put it up! I have been baking all evening so I have yet had a chance to do so!!
Question: Have you started your Christmas Baking? If so what have you made? Do you ever panic that it wont turn out? I know I do alllll the time. And am worried about exactly that right now! 


Holiday Cards + a Red Dress to Kill

November 29, 2011

This time of year is a busy season for me.  I just had my wedding and already I am arms deep designing again! It’s great though 🙂 I have been pushing out a lot of new designs and absolutely content with life. I mailed out my Favorite Christmas Things Swap last week and soo excited for Erin to get her gift!!! I love Christmas!!! This week I will be mailing out my Christmas Cookie Swap. I am excited for them. I used a favorite classic cookie, I tried several other recipes for possible exchange. But I couldn’t stop thinking about these! SO I went with my gut. I will post about […]

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The crazyness has begun

November 8, 2011

Hey Everyone <—- I think I start all my posts this way, I must find more original greetings. Life has been extremely busy, but in a fantastic way. I have been working diligently on the new blog. It looks supertastic. I can’t wait for you all to see it. With the lovely launch only a couple weeks away, I have quite the lil giveaway to celebrate it 🙂 November makes me happy and think of Christmas, baking, food LOTS OF FOOD. And I just get this happy giddy feeling that something great is coming. But then I remember what also comes with November. This Yeah and that is nothing, it […]

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