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thinkThin Giveaway

by Destini on November 27, 2013

I love protein bars. It’s a well known fact around here that you will always find some sort of protein bar in my purse. I learned awhile ago that it is one of the best and easiest solutions for those times you can’t get home to make yourself a healthy meal. It has become even more important for me to have one for the husband as he is unable to have most packaged foods(not really a bad thing).

This being said, a lot of protein bars out there are not actually good for you! They will have a lot of protein, but also fructose and a bunch of other things I can’t even say out loud! YUCK

For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know that I often make trips down south to the USA to pick up some stuff we just can’t get here in Canada. I had first heard about thinkThin about a year and a half ago. I saw it on Instagram and other fellow foodie blogs. I got all the flavours I could get my hands on when I was in the states. And I loved them!!

Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago when thinkThin contacted me asking  if I would like to do a giveaway on the blog that was open to ALL my readers in North America. I was like HECK YEAH! They currently aren’t available in Canada, but maybe with a little love we can make that happen? I have tried several of their flavours and the ones they sent me have so far been my favourite! Creamy Peanut Butter!!!!!!! It has 20 grams of protein and ZERO grams of sugar, it also happens to be gluten free!!!


thinkThin Giveawa-3

I’ve had to hide this box or a certain someone will steal them all! 🙁

thinkThin Giveawa-2

He is going for a day work trip tomorrow, so I did sneak one in his lunch… I am really not that cruel!


This Giveaway is open to anyone in the USA and Canada! Contest will run till December 4th, 2013 at midnight!

The winner will get to choose one box of the following flavours

  • Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Chunky Peanut Butter
  • Brownie Crunch
  • Caramel Fudge

You must do the required entries below and any of the extras for a chance to win!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Day-to-day news ~ House is starting to finally come together. Last night our dinning room chairs were finally delivered. I will be doing a house tour post in the future *promise*. Just want a few more things sorted first. Yesterday, I was featured in Silk Canada’s Newsletter! If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you can here. It is seriously amazing how lucky I feel to have been given the opportunities that I have. Not one moment am I not thankful. I only hope that I can do more in the future, anything to help promote healthy living!

Question: What is your favourite protein bar and why?


Protein Mug Cake & A GIVEAWAY!!

by Destini on July 15, 2013

This post was meant for Friday, however my site is currently changing hosting providers and I had some technical difficulties. So the site was up and down and not posting. ACK. It appears to be all up and running again!! Thank goodness!!

Now that is all behind us(I hope), let’s talk about some fitness. I have continued doing Revolt Fitness, but also have upped my gym time. I love Revolt Fitness and even after my 12 weeks, I will continue to use it. That being said, I have now started to go to the gym regularly again. I always went before, but I have definitely logged in way more hours as of late. Working out with the hubby makes me bring up my game! My 30th birthday is looming right around the corner (3.5 weeks) and I have this determination to be at my best for it. Whatever motivates you, run with it!

Recently I introduced a protein mug cake recipe to the hubby, since then……. HE IS ALWAYS REQUESTING IT! It has taken many versions and many freak outs…..but I think I might just have figured it out. I also had some help with some really great protein. Those of you that have read my blog and followed my strife with trying to find a happy medium with the hubbys allergies know that I can’t just go and use any protein in his diet. It has to be lactose free & gluten free. The poor man can’t really have much that comes out of a package anymore. And let’s all be honest, that isn’t a bad thing, just more work for me 🙂 So when North Coasts Naturals contacted me to try out some of their products, I was more than ready to give these a try. We’ve tried several natural proteins and have found some pretty good ones, but this one tops the cake for the hubby. He LOVES it! He says it breaks down perfectly in his blender cup, no chalky taste and has no tummy reactions from it.  YAY!! Oh and I forgot to mention that it’s a Canadian company!!!! Is it possible to love them anymore?

Ingredients: Yields 1

  • one scoop of North Coasts Natural Chocolate protein (or any chocolate protein)
  • 1/2T coconut flour
  • 1/4c almond milk(or any desired milk)
  • 1 egg white
  • 1T cooca powder
  • 1 packet of stevia (or liquid drops)
  • 1t baking powder

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a kitchen oil sprayed mug, cover and microwave for 35-40 seconds(watch this as it may be mushy or to dry).  Flip upside down and put it on a plate.

Toppings:You can honestly just go crazy here, but this is what my husband recommends.

  • 1T almond chocolate butter (I heat this up for 25seconds and spread it on the cake like icing)
  • pb2 maple sauce (1t pb2, 1tsp almond milk, 1/4t pure maple syrup)
  • assorted fruit

Oh it’s quite yummy and you would NEVER know that it was pretty guilt free. BONUS!!

WHOOPS!! I didn’t realize that I photographed the french side and not english. But you guys get the idea right? LOL

Remember how I said it was not possible to love North Coast Naturals anymore than I already do? Well guess what…they want you to love them just as much!! I will be giving away not one, but two tubs of protein. You pick Chocolate or Vanilla(Oh and I may just have ANOTHER recipe with the vanilla, this will just get you ready). This will run from Today, July 15th to July 23rd at midnight CST. Only open to Canadian Addresses.

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I am off to do my Revolt Fitness program for today! Cardio baby!!

Oh another little true story….I run in the Color me Rad 5k Saturday morning and I haven’t done a LICK of running in a couple months. I better get going on that…

Have a great evening 🙂


Fitness Friday – Check-in – Week 4

May 24, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! First off I want to say one GIANT Happy Birthday to my best friend and amazing husband! George I am truly lucky everyday to have you in my life. You make me giggle like a school girl and truly make me a better person. Love you!!! He likes to do Grumpy Cats Face 🙂 In Canada, Monday was a holiday and I did all my prepping for the week on that day. What did I do on my usually Sunday prep day? I recouped from Georges birthday celebrations(we celebrated last week). I may have had a glass or two of wine….anyways, I won’t pretend to you guys […]

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Fit Into Summer Giveaway!!!!

May 21, 2013

I know you’ve been hearing sooo much about my Revolt Fitness program and it’s because it has been such an amazing adventure. I just started week 4 and honestly just finished my lower body sculpt and let the below picture explain it all! Yeah…… 🙂 Right now Revolt Fitness has a FREE week! No excuses guys!! The next Uprising starts June 3rd! I’d love for a bunch of Healthy Wife Readers to join in! We can be one giant awesome sweaty team!! <3 Well myself and 14 other lovely Revolt Bloggers all got together and want to offer you this AMAZING giveaway!!     Grand Prize Pack One month access […]

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Weekend Update – via Instagram & winner

April 22, 2013

Happy Monday!! First off, I just wanted to say a big giant THANK YOU to everyone that entered The Everything Guide to LIving Gluten-Free cookbook giveaway! So many of you left amazing comments. I sat there reading them with George and we were just shocked at how much gluten is affecting so many of you.  I was happy that I was able to help out in some way! The winner of the giveaway is Congrats! Please email me your shipping address at Now onto my weekend via instagram! See you all tomorrow with Vegan Tuesday.  

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A Gluten-Free Cookie, A Cookbook & A Giveaway!!!

April 15, 2013

That is quite the title isn’t it? I appreciate the fact I felt it needed to all be included. This has been a long awaited post. Things have been a little crazy around here, but thats how it goes sometimes. George finally had his surgery for his deviated septum. He is recovering, doing well and life is starting to get back to normal. The surgery didn’t go 100% as planned, he did end up having to stay in the hospital overnight due to some bleeding. He got to come home the next day and now it has been just over two weeks of recovery. I know he would have liked this to […]

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