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April 2013 Glossybox Canada – Unboxing

by Destini on May 9, 2013

So I am pretty much all backwards this week. I know I have not shared a single food recipe with you and I gotta apologize. I have been really focusing on this Revolt plan and have not steered off. I have never enjoyed workouts like this since my personal trainer. And i’m not just saying that(more on this tomorrow). I will be on-call for work this weekend and plan to spend it cooking, baking & shooting some clean healthy recipes…oh and a couple skinny cocktails -hey summer is coming, let’s not pretend it isn’t!!

Since all my meals are pretty much pre-made with this plan, it has given me no excuse to come home, workout, run and spend some time working on some beauty stuff.

Check out April’s Glossybox! MORE VIDEOS! -I know you all enjoy me making a fool out of myself 🙂


I really like the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Blush! I actually wore it today. It does stain, however doesn’t last the whole day. But did quite a good job.

The box was worth it’s value only for that lip blush, shaver and the coupons. But i’m concerned I will not be so lucky next month. I keep saying I will cancel, but thinking since I did get pretty much my money’s worth that I should let it go another month!

If you got a GlossyBox(Canadian, USA, UK, etc..) how did you like yours? What did you get in it?

Question: Do you get any subscription box services? If so, which one?


April Favourites – Beauty

by Destini on April 30, 2013

It is Tuesday, but it is also the last day of the month(can’t believe tomorrow is May 1st….and it snowed tonight! ARGH!).I thought I would share some of my favourite products that I have used this past month. And let me stress favourite!!!!!

Some of these are new some are older, but they are all things I am completely loving right now. Not all my favourites are makeup, but also some snack-y type things. Let’s get this started!

I had to do this one first!! I am sure many of you have heard of the Urban Decay Naked palette. It is one of my favourite favourte makeup palette’s. This is the second edition to that and I FINALLY got it! I won’t lie; I may have jumped up and down when it arrived in the mail. But then again, when it comes to mail- I just love getting it 🙂

Some people don’t like this palette as much as the first, but I think I might disagree. I love the natural tones on the left, and the late night smokey colours on the right. I have been using these shadows almost religiously all month, both day and night looks. I also really liked the double ended brush they included. The quality of brush is pretty darn amazing for a palette brush, but then again I shouldn’t expect anything less from Urban Decay. You can get this palette at for $60 for us Canadian folks. Americans I think get it for $50. Either way, worth every penny.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram won’t be too shocked by these Essie Polishes popping up in this post. I have quickly became a HUGE fan of these. I had seen them on other fellow bloggers sites for some time now, but never wanted to pay the $11.99 for them, till they were on sale. I had no choice but to buy them… it has grown into a VERY fast obsession.

The colours above are “in the cab-ana” & “turquoise & caicos”. I was wearing the green one during my Glossybox Unwrapping video. Such a great colour!

This stuff is just HEAVENLY! This is Philosophy’s French Vanilla Bean. The first time I used it my husband came to give me a hug and said I smelled like cookies! Let’s be serious, we all know that is the way to any mans heart….smelling like cookies! Or well, I suppose bacon may also be another way to a mans heart, but I rather not smell like meat LOL. As you can see by how much is gone, I have been using this for a couple months. I don’t like using a luffa(the word alone is just weird, but really lets not go into that), this does cause me to have to use more in the shower however. I may have to invest in one though as this is roughly $21 a bottle!!(SHHHHHhh don’t tell George :p)

My mother in law had given me this tester of Clinque lash doubling mascara a little while ago and I just got around to using it this week…boy was I surprised by it. I usually use Maybelline’s Colossal Mascara, but this one just impressed me as soon as I applied it. My lashes were long and I LOVED the brush. I like bristle brushes. I will have to pick up a full size soon.

Another shocker with this. I was pleasantly impressed with L’oréal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. I usually use MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid NW13, but this is great just for everyday, no hustle makeup. I had read that people found it gritty on application, which it starts off as, but it smooths out just great after rubbing it in. It has a nice light colour, matched my skin tone pretty good and without making me look more like a ghost(if that is possible). I would recommend this as a reasonably priced BB cream.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to fragrance . I don’t often wear perfume, but would rather go to a body mist for daily or for after the gym. When we go out in the evenings I do enjoy wearing something. This is Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre. I didn’t think I would like this as much as I do, but I LOVE it. And a little goes the long way. This bottle will last me FOREVER, which is probably good as I believe it’s over $100 a bottle. Lucky for me I was given this as a gift or I doubt I would have picked it up to even smell it. It is very light and fruity, with a touch of grapefruit. Nice and fresh!

Now onto some snacks!

I recently found these at Costco and LOVE them. Just a wonderful quick and simple snack. I have to really watch how much I eat or I will eat that whole container. They call it an “Energy Blend”, it has Edamame, Cranberries, Almonds & Pumpkin Seeds(not sure why they say Kernels, they are seeds).

And last but definitely not least

I also found these at Costco and they must be one of my favourite finds. They are a gluten-free all natural bar. Can’t really go wrong with that. They had three flavours in the box, but this is my favourites 🙂

Tonight was Day 2 for me in the Revolt Fitness program, I will be doing a weekly update on Friday, but let me tell you that so far I love it! Pretty surprised by how much I am loving it. I will go into great detail all on Friday.

Nothing else really exciting over here. Just doing this program and focusing on getting that done. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great night.

Question: What were some of you your favourites this month? Have you tried any of mine?

Note: None of these products are sponsored products. All are just my favourites 🙂


Check it out! I made a video – Glossybox Feb Box

April 24, 2013

Don’t be afraid, though I know I am! This isn’t going to be about food or fitness…this is about BEAUTY! I have decided to try something a little different today. And if you guys like it, I will do it more often. I have decided to dedicate some Wednesdays out of the month to review or talk about some beauty products that I use regularly or recently picked up. Now don’t be fooled (though I’m sure you weren’t) I’m not a beauty expert by ANY means. Just a girl that loves to try new things. To make this extra different, I made a video!! Look at me all on YouTube […]

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