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April 2012

April Foodie Penpals!

by Destini on April 30, 2012

WOW it has been a few days. I do apologize. It has been quite busy over here and a few things that I can’t yet tell you about. But I will soon. One of the many crazy things that has happened was a very pleasant package from my first ever Foodie Penpal Alison !!! I can’t express how excited I get when I receive packages in the mail. Does anyone else feel this way? With technology today, mail has become something of the past…except for bills? ACK. But this, this was very enjoyable, so enjoyable that my photos are horrible of it! I am sorry Alison! I was so excited to get into my parcel that I took the photos apparently way tooo quick. What can I say? I am an impatient gal! I promise I will do better with May’s photos!

The Lean Green Bean

The parcel was wrapped in some bright red paper and each item had a little note taped to it with details about it. Made my parcel packaging sure lack on the appearance points. Next time?

Look at that paper? I think some fancy scissor work happend there!

My awesome package included:

  • Paneer Makhani – haven’t tried this yet, but I love East Indian food!
  • Alison’s favorite trail mix. – I am a huge huge fan of trail mixes and this one was fantastic
  • Two of her favorite teas – love love love tea! Haven’t yet gotten into these
  • Dried Basil that was grown in her garden!!! I was super excited about this!! I may soon be able to grow my own spices…
  • Crunchies Freeze-Dried Strawberries – these were really interesting. Sweet, soft and hit all the right spots for a snack.
  • Dry Vanilla Bean Soda – WOW I love this soda! I don’t usually drink soda. But this was designed for the healthy heart! Go over to Dry Soda and read all about them!
  • Dark Chocolate Bar – Now….I am a horrible guilty blogger. This local BC chocolate bar was beyond sinful(chocolate + me go together like PB&J. No hate here on the chocolate front) see I was so excited to jump into it…I forgot to record the name. Alison if you could let me know? I will edit this! Sooorrrry 🙁

Huge thank-you Alison! You made my day if not week!!! I had Amanda, now she doesn’t have a blog but did send me a lovely email appreciating what I sent her. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, Annie Chun Seaweed Snack and two of my favorite flavours of Larabars. I hope you enjoyed them 🙂

I promise May will be full of lovely photos that aren’t blurry? If you haven’t heard or are wanting to learn more about this awesome exchange, go over to Lindsay’s blog The Lean Green Bean and learn all about it! I will be a penpal for many months to come.

Life will slow down a bit for May. I will be in full force in the kitchen. My black book of recipes is getting quite large! I am off to enjoy the latest Vampire Diaries! I didn’t even know a new episode aired on Thursday! Don’t judge that I watch cheesy teenage vampire dramas!

Question: Have you ever been a penpal? If so, what was it for? Did you enjoy it?

xoxo Destini



A quick hello & a winner!!

by Destini on April 14, 2012

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday. I have been out and about all day so I apologize for the late post tonight to announce the winner of the Eat Awesome ebook giveaway!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats to both Missy Tooher and Louisa!! Please send me an email at destini[at] and I will email you the book. Thank you everyone that entered. I promise I actually have ANOTHER giveaway right around the corner….maybe another cookbook{shhh}

Well I am off to a relaxing movie night with the hubby. Will be back tomorrow with a review of a restaurant we went to yesterday and just possibly the most amazing flourless chocolate cake.





Sweet Potato Chili – A Winnipeger getting soft skin

April 11, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, hopefully not too full of sugar. Didn’t have much over here. We went to my my sister-in-laws for Easter lunch. Kept it pretty easy. It has been slightly colder as of late…I know its only April and I live in Winnipeg. We just have been very spoiled and I think I let it get to me. I have seen many versions of this type of recipe. This is a mixture of all the things I loved from them. It’s wonderful and the perfect thing to warm me up on these slightly colder days. Ingredients: Yields: 6 Servings 1 cup vegetable stock 13 oz can of pinto […]

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The Black Bean Burger & A Giveaway!

April 5, 2012

Hey Peeps! (I wanted to spice things up on my greetings) How was everyone’s week? Is anyone as happy as I am to know that this week is short? I can sing and lul all day long knowing I will be spending my weekend in my lulus cleaning my bathroom! Does it make me insane that I am actually looking forward to cleaning the bathroom on my long weekend? Yeah, I am probably a little insane. I take a ton of photos, all the time and they never make it up on here. So for weekend posts I will do it in photos. I know, we all do it. But […]

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