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January 2014

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. – Scarves on a Hanger

by Destini on January 23, 2014

For awhile I have followed a lot of blogs that had a lot of inspiration for things for my “future house”. What’s great now is that I have a house to do all those things I have wanted.  Including ORGANIZATION.

I saw this pin and thought it was perfect for myself! I have a billion scarves, and have always just used hooks on the back of my closet door to organize them. When we got the new house, I didn’t have hooks on my doors yet, and needed a solution for my massive pile of scarves!

This look fairly simple and pretty idiot proof. I felt I was ready!


I may have a scarf problem, but it’s cold here and these are a pretty practical *and pretty* accessory.

Saw it, pinned it - scarves-1This was going to be a super easy, super cheap and extremely fast to make. Perfect for my first DIY in the house. All you need is a pack of shower curtain rings

Saw it, pinned it - scarves-2

And a hanger!!

Saw it, pinned it - scarves-3

Hook all the shower curtain rings around the hanger like so.

Saw it, pinned it - scarves-5-2

Organize the order in which you want your scarves. I recommend putting the heavier scarves on each end for balance , or they will pull down on one end of the hanger.

Saw it, pinned it - scarves-4-2

And just hoop the scarves through! SO SIMPLE! Saw it, pinned it - scarves-7

I hope you liked my little DIY, thing’s have become a little more technical in the household since this. But it was a great start! What other life hacks do you love and feel like everyone should know and do? SHARE 🙂

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Back to the Basics

by Destini on January 22, 2014

When I first started blogging it was to journal my life, my fitness goals, fun recipes and just what is happening in my small world. It turned quickly into something so much more for me, and somewhere at that point I lost focus of why I started to blog. My whole focus switched to ONLY food and sometimes fitness posts. If I couldn’t get a all natural, perfect shots of food…..I wouldn’t blog. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba(Canada). It is dark by 5pm most of of the winter(which can be 5-6mths of the year). I work till 4pm, get home just before 5 and there goes that natural light. I have been really picky on the quality of my photos, just focused on AMAZING that I lost focus on why I started this journey.

As you can see, last post was in early December. Life happened, little amount of light and a whole lot of “it won’t be perfect”. Well with much discussion with G and how I miss blogging so much, I will stop trying to be “perfect” and just be me. Back to the basics. Back to venting what is happening, boring or not. I will share it all.

Here is to a new start, here is going back to the basics.

See you guys REAL soon. This time I swear