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February 2014

The flu got me!

by Destini on February 28, 2014

It is -42 with the wind-chill here today, and I am on day TWO of being struck down by the flu. It started as back/neck pain with a headache and made a full 360 to sore throat, fever and aches. Fun times for me. I think my fever is going away now, but I haven’t had anything solid in 40+ hours.

My dinner is take-out chicken hot and spicy soup. Sure I could have the classic chicken noodle soup, but when you can’t taste, breath or feel like you’ve got knives in your throat, this just makes sense.

I finally got around to getting the Tone It Up Nutritional Plan, these two lovely ladies have been getting a lot of buzz lately with their TV show and I have always wanted to try it out for people since I see a lot of comments on their YouTube asking about how good the plan is. I have read it all, and got all the necessities. Will start it soon and give you guys a full review and process post! Summer will come one day and this is the best time to start!


Well off to watch some girly shows on Netflix (I just finished One Tree Hill and now started 90210…the joy’s of being home sick)

This is just the start of our regular boring posts 🙂