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January 2015

2015 Goals

by Destini on January 27, 2015

I have spent the last year apologizing to you, my readers for my limited amount of blogging. And I hate that. I want to be here, sharing new things with all of you. But for some reason, at the end of the day all I want to do is get into pj’s, pour myself a glass of wine and watch Gillmore Girls on Netflix. It got to the point where working out, something which I LOVE was on the back burner. The only reason I can still fit into my jeans is that I eat pretty well. Side note; the saying “You are what you eat” is 100% true!

I know everyone starts the new year with all these resolutions, and honestly I have never been one for them. I like to start in February, when most resolutions have already failed. And I want to call them goals.

Here they are, in no particular order

  • Post 1-2 blog posts a week
  • Try to read 50 books this year(follow me on Goodreads)
  • Workout 3-4x a week
  • Date night once a month with the hubby
  • Wake-up earlier and start my day!
  • Stay on budget! (this has been hard with the new house)

Not too many goals, I like to keep things realistic that way I can succeed. And a lot of these is to help handle my anxiety better. It’s all about a healthy body AND mind.

How my posts will change on here, I will be sharing more of my day to day life, workouts, of course recipes and some home decor/pintrest ideas. This is still in the works!

Question: How are YOU doing?

OH and the blog with be going through design changes, I have been having problems with a design I have made, which is why this hasn’t happened yet.