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A cold Ninja Juice Recipe

by Destini on January 17, 2013

It’s been awhile, I know. I was looking back through some old posts and noticed this has become too common of a situation. I wish I knew why. I have long lists of upcoming posts and things I want to share, but life sometimes just gets in the way. One of my goals for the New Year is to make this no longer a situation. I often find myself 5ft deep in projects. I love projects…however finishing projects is a different thing, they get done. But not in the time frame I would like.  BAD DESTINI!

As most of you know, there has been some serious bad strains of the cold virus out there. In fact the Public Health Agency of Canada & The CDC have said this influenza has been very aggressive and impacted a HUGE number of us poor humans. YUCK! I have done a surprisingly wonderful job avoiding such virus thus far, however…my coworker who sits near me(love me a cubical office….)has been coughing and sneezing. I seriously wanted to stick the poor boy in a bubble(sorry dude). My husband and I are leaving for Phoenix in just a matter of weeks and I DID NOT want this cold virus to ruin any part of this trip. With all my best efforts to avoid this said virus, I started feeling the symptoms of the dreaded super influenza virus and knew some serious efforts to stop it from spreading were required.

Queue in the Juicer and this wonderful Super Ninja Juice for assistance in keeping this virus at bay. These ingredients all have special cold fighting abilities and together make a pretty darn delicious cold ninja super juice.

Ingredients: Yields 1 serving

  • 3 oranges, remove rind but keep a small piece to put in (more info below)
  • ginger, 1inch piece
  • 1/4 of a lemon(rind removed)
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  • .5ml Echinamide Anti-Viral(optional)*follow directions on label*

Directions: Juice all fruits including the small piece of orange rind. Stir in cayenne pepper & Echinamide & enjoy!

You might be asking why such ingredients are Ninjas. Let me explain why:

Oranges – As I am sure you know, Oranges are full of Vitamin C . Now how much Vitamin C our bodies will actually intake and not just pee out is a whole different story, but having low levels of Vitamin C may make you more susceptible to illness. So lets have some Vitamin C and plus oranges taste just awesome. Oh and I forgot to mention according to a study sponsored by the American Chemical Society; consuming mandarin oranges and drinking juice cuts the risk of liver cancer. Oh and they are full of antioxidants. The reason for the rind is that it will contain 4 times of the amount of fiber than inside the fruit and they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger – This is one of those situations where the saying “less is more” is a factor for me.  Back in the day this ginger wasn’t very fond of “ginger”, but like most things I never used to like..I love it now! And yes I made a ginger joke.. har har. Ginger has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2 thousand years. They use it for everything. Most often in my household my husband has it in tea to help with upset tummy(lactose issues). It is fantastic for nausea, but also has some other wonderful health benefits. It helps with healthy sweating which is good for colds and flues to assist in detoxification. And that is something you want to have that cold go bye bye.

Lemons – These bitter sweet fruits are often used in cleanses for their ability to kill germs and bacteria. They are also great help with digestion.  They contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin c, potassium, magnesium and calcium. I always drink water with a slice of lemon. I find it helps with my water intake and that is always a plus!

Cayenne Pepper – Now this is a funny one, before writing this blog post, I had simply included this because my husbands Baba has a teaspoon everyday and swears it the best thing for you. Anytime I have ever had a cold she insists I have some.  Now she is quite the energetic 80 year old and clearly knows something that I don’t, so I listen without question. But for this post I thought I should have some research behind it. Apparently Baba is a smart lady, with some research I found what makes the spice have so much heat is because is contains high amounts of capsaicin. This not only gives it the heat, but it also helps in congestion relief. It will loosen nasal and sinus congestion. So say take that to that stuffy nose. It also contains vitamin A! Vitamin A protects the body when an infection is present.  And if that wasn’t all, this ninja spice also naturally helps reduce your core body temperature and naturally cools the body. I know when I have a fever I am a gonner!

Echinamide – This is optional, I was introduced to this awhile ago at a Green Convention and have used it ever since to help fight off colds. Often when people talk about natural remedies for colds, you will hear “echinacea” in the list of suggestions you can take. This is just a more purified version of it. It does have a spicy flavor, so I always add it to OJ to help break that up. According to WebMD; Echinacea is a herb that is widely used to help fight infections such as the common cold.

I hope this Ninja juice helps aid you in your cold relief. It is a must around here!!

Note: I am not a dietitian, doctor or hold any medical certificate/degree. The information I provided here is with the assistance of some research and of my own personal beliefs. I always say research research research and of course speak with your Doctor.

I have some fun new things that will be happening on the blog soon. Getting more focused and trying to not do so much will help make these things happen. I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!

Question: What do you find works the best to help prevent or fight a cold/flu?